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Previous Speakers

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Fran Kammermayer —
The Journey from Childhood to Adulthood: Building Resiliency in Children by
Equipping them with a Foundation of Core Values
Dr. Lynn Miller —
Understanding Our Shy and Underachieving Children
Raj Dhasi —
Managing Conflict with Your Child’s Brain in Mind
Dr. Glen Davies —
The Elephant and the Rider: The Nature of Self-Control and How to Achieve It

Dr. Vanessa LaPointe —
More on How to Grow Happy People
Merlyn Horton —
Parenting in the Cyber Age
Colleen Politano
Helping All Children Do and Be Their Best: Why Self-regulation Matters
Dr. Michael Ungar —
Resiliency: What it Takes for Children and Youth to Thrive
Fiona Morrison
Connecting with Your Kids Through Early Literacy and Play
Dr. Vanessa LaPointe —
How to Grow Happy People
Dr Deborah McNamara —
You’re not the Boss of Me: Understanding Resistance in Children
Michele Hucul-Kambolis —
How to Raise a CHIKid: Kids Keeping Stress and Anxiety at Bay



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